Cherie Nobbs - Author, Psychic, Teacher, Healer, Numerologist
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  Is it time you uncovered your
innate gifts and talents to
embrace your awesomeness?


Cherie, the Teacher

One day, while we were chatting, Karen and I came to the conclusion that many people don’t realise how awesome they truly are. We all have innate gifts we are born with, but sometimes along the way we forget we have them, or that they are as natural to us as breathing.
We decided we wanted to help others unwrap their gifts, to allow them to be the best they can be, and so our ‘Awesome Idea’ was born.
In this exciting time of change, we want to support and encourage you to come along to our classes and help your soul to remember all the great stuff you were already born knowing.
Our classes are informal, in fact they are more fun and funky than anything else. We believe learning should be fun and a shared experience. We may be inviting you to the classes, but the chances are you will have something to share with us as well.
We wanted the prices to be reasonable and easy to manage, so for a three hour class, which usually covers two subjects, the cost is only $50.00.
There is a discount system for those who want to pay per term, at $40.00/class prepaid.
We have heaps of classes lined up that we want to teach, but if there’s anything we haven’t mentioned on our website, let us know. The chances are we’ll want to include it.
Classes will be run on Thursday and Saturday mornings and later we will do an evening class as well. Each class is repeated, so if you miss out on Saturday, the same class will be held on Thursday. We are happy to travel to you (within reason). If you can gather 6-8 of your friends, we will conduct a class in your home. We are mobile! We also have a lot of online classes on offer, check out our website.
So, are you ready to: Unwrap Your Awesomeness? Embrace who you truly are? To unleash your innate talents and to excel at being the best and most awesome you that you can possibly be?