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Have you always wanted to get a psychic reading but struggle to find someone you can relate to, or the cost is too much for your pocket?
I pride myself on being no-nonsense when I do a reading - I speak your language! (but I do it with love and integrity) 

~ No Sugar Coating ~


Cherie, the Psychic

When I'm asked to do a reading I usually ask what it is they want to know, or if they're just interested in what spirit has to say (through me).
When I am ready to do the reading I meditate until I tap into their energy. (I know it  sounds wacky, but it really does happen)
I usually sense aches, pains or  stress within their bodies - these are not illnesses, they give me an indication regarding the persons state of mind and what is happening around them. e.g kidney pain is a sign of fear, this can sometimes be with a situation, or moving forward in life.
I list these in a reading so we both know we have connected - for me its a joint validation with the person,  especially if they get an A-ha! moment straight away.
After that I use either cards, talk to my guides, their guides, or spirit family. I interpret the cards, as well as adding whatever I am being told as I type. Generally this follows a specific theme, if romance is the highest priority for the person, then that will be what the cards will depict. If career is the main worry, then the reading will probably be about tha,t unless of course there is something that is holding the person back, or more important for spirit to pass on.

I have had much wonderful feedback. If you would like to look at some of the comments that have been made, please check out this link: Testimonials
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I am also a Numerologist and I love the balance that creates after the 'woo woo' of a reading. I offere a free Numerology Report for most of my Psychic Readings.

I believe we are all here
to be the very best version
of us that we can possibly
be in this lifetime.
Confusion can begin
within our energetic
fields, making it difficult
for us to trust our
intuition. Sometimes
we need a little guidance, insight or inspiration to
help us get back on
track...or maybe we just
need a little validation to
know we are on
our right path.....