Cherie Nobbs - Author, Psychic, Teacher, Healer, Numerologist
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I have a mobile massage/healing
service called


Cherie, the Healer

For several years now I have owned a mobile healing/massage service. What better way to enjoy a treatment, than in the comfort of your own home - no traffic to steal your sense of calm on the way home....
I hold a Cert IV in Relaxation and Remedial Massage. I love massage and the fantastic sense of wellbeing people feel afterwards. A relaxing massage will gently relieve aches and muscle soreness thanks to our highly qualified and experienced therapists. An excellent way to revitalise both body and mind leaving you relaxed with a feeling of well being.
I am an Acutonic Practitioner, using tuning forks on accupuncture pressure points to maintain balance within the
body. All relaxation and rebalance without the pain of needles. Love it!
I am a Reiki Master and have been providing Reiki treatments since 2009. Reiki is used for energising, relaxing the body/mind and works within the energy fields of the body and helps correct any imbalances.
'It is one of the most uplifting experiences you can have with all your clothes on!'

Crystal Healing is another passion of mine, and I absolutely love the look of awe on clients faces after a crystal healing session. Who would have thought a couple of 'stones' placed around you could make such a difference?!

I am more than happy to combine some of my healing modalities to suit a specific healing experience. We are all unique and special, so it makes perfect sense that our treatments should reflect that.
I offer a mobile service for Psychic Readings as well.