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My first self-published book!
Cancer Journey Handbook for
Travellers, Carers & Friends
was a wonderful healing
journey that helped me to
help others.


Cherie, the Author

As I said on my home page, Butch's passing inspired me to write my book 'Cancer Journey Handbook for Travellers, Carers & Friends'. I wanted to help Travellers embarking on a cancer journey, to tell them about some of the options available to them and empower them at a time when they can feel disempowered. I also wanted to help Carers to feel less isolated and more informed, so I included a section for them in my book.
Grieving was a terrifying expedition into the unknown for me, so, to help me work through and share some of my emotions and experiences, I included a final section on Grief as well. I self-published my book in 2008.
I have also written an e-book 'Butch's Journey'. Although writing this has been a healing process for me, I'm sure there are some people who may want to read firsthand about a cancer experience, complete with the laughter and tears.
Grieving with Honour was my last 'healing' book, which I have just completed and am going through the process of getting it finalised and published late 2013. It is a warts and all account of the last four years, as I have attempted to come to terms with my loss. I hope to inspire and uplift others who may be feeling isolated and lost as they begin their own expedition into grief.
These books can be purchased through my Cancer Journey Handbook website or through Cancers Not Beating Every 1, a website I created with helpful advice, hints and infornation.
I am in the process of writing a different book on spirituality and I am really excited about it. Whenever I slack off, Spirit gives me a nudge and reminds me of topicsI need to cover through other people's messages or questions. I love how Spirit keeps me on track! Watch this space for an important announcement towards the end of the year!
As a widow, I struggled with the outpouring and holding in of my grief, so I created a website Learning 2 Live Again for those of us who are grieving and want to share our thoughts, memories, fears and tears. I hope that by sharing with one another and honouring our grief we can lift the veil on grief.
After I created Angelic Messages with Attitude in 2011, I began blogging about my spiritual journey and sharing my experiences to try and take the fear and mystery out of our spiritual connections.
I have numerous blogging sites, as I have much I want to share with everyone. If I can inspire or encourage someone to embrace their magnificence, thats when I am at my happiest.
I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy creating it!


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