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Butch and I in happier times.
I still miss him each and
every day, but I am grateful
for the wonderful memories
we had.



Hi, My name is Cherie! (as you can probably tell by the name of this website).
Thank you for showing an interest in me and what I do.
The picture above is of my late husband Butch and I taken several years before he passed away after a cancer journey spanning almost three years.

Butch's passing inspired me to write my book 'Cancer Journey Handbook for Travellers, Carers & Friends'. Since then I have written about Grief and his cancer journey (see Author Link)
Having always been an avid writer, I have loved inspiring others to be the best they can possibly be, through writing, so blogging and facebooking has come naturally to me. I thoroughly enjoy being able to inspire and encourage others to uncover their magnificence. (see Author Link)
I've always been psychically aware - even if I didn't want to totally embrace it), but in 2011, I decided to use my gifts to help others...although I didn't totally come out of the closet until late 2012! (see Psychic Link)
For many years I have been interested in Numerology and how the vibration of numbers affects our life path, personality and relationships. For me it is like the 'logical' balance to the 'spiritual' and unseen.
I am a reiki master, masseuse, crsytal healer, acutonic practitioner, shaman, celtic reiki practitioner and intuitive healer. I love Universal energy and what it can do. I love being able to help others help themselves to heal. (see Healer Link)

In 2012, my friend Karen Richards and I created Unwrap Your Awesomeness online and in class learning, to help others to...well...unwrap their awesomeness, in the quickest and most reasonablest way possible. We are all spiritual beings and sometimes we don't realise the awesomeness that lies within us. Our 'job' is to encourage, inspire and support through this process. (see Teacher Link)
I hope you will spend some time looking at my website, getting to know me and what I do/believe in.
Have a beautiful day!
hugs, Cherie xx

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